101 List

A list of 101 things I’d like to accomplish in 1,001 days…

Start date: 7/15/2016  |  End Date:  4/12/2019

Bitches get stuff done - Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Fun & Games  {0/8}

  1. Learn to play bridge
  1. Attend adult tennis camp
  1. Take at least 15 private tennis lessons with Coach Keith {2/15}
  1. Host a Settlers of Cataan game night
  1. Take dance lessons
  1. Go to a rugby match
  1. Go to a comedy show
  1. Have a picnic with friends at Adkins Arboretum


Food & Drink  {2/13}

  1. Make a pizza from scratch, including the dough
  1. Learn to make a delicious gazpacho
  1. Have a meal at a restaurant owned by a Top Chef or Top Chef Masters contestant
  1. Find and perfect a great red sangria recipe
  1. Find and perfect a great ceviche recipe
  1. Have brunch at Miss Shirley’s in Annapolis
  1. Have friends over for crabs and beer in the backyard {9/3/16}
  1. Design a printed weekly meal planning tool / shopping list – and actually use it!
  1. Get a gas grill
  1. Spend less than $60 on food & drink in a one week period – do this at least five times {1/5}
  1. Make a homemade chia seed drink {I used this recipe}
  1. Cook 10 recipes from my Rick Bayless cookbook
  1. Host a Thanksgiving dinner


House & Home  {5/21}

  1. Build a house
  1. Create a small time capsule to be enclosed in one of the walls of my new house
  1. Find an antique furniture piece that can be converted to a bathroom vanity; paint it (if necessary) and have the sink and faucets installed
  1. Have a housewarming party
  1. Have a moving sale and sell as much old crap as possible
  1. Clean out old t-shirts and sweatshirts
  1. Clean out both closets in my master bedroom/bathroom {10/8/16}
  1. Clean out my craft cabinet {9/6/16}
  1. Completely clean out and organize the garage
  1. Get a leaf blower and keep all the dirt and leaves out of the garage
  1. Create a project list of things to do to get my current house ready for sale; complete the items on the list
  1. Frame and hang all of my completed cross stitching projects
  1. Frame and hang/display my charcoal drawings from high school
  1. Create a master bedroom design board {8/24/16}
  1. Create a laundry room design board {8/1/16}
  1. Set up a mini home gym at the new house with the basics
  1. Create an inviting outdoor space at the new house
  1. Get some succulents and don’t kill them
  1. Start a blog as a means to record the experience of designing and building my house; also track my 101 list on said blog {7/27/16}
  1. All-out decorate the house for a season other than Christmas/winter
  1. Paint a barn quilt to hang on the garage


Go to There  {0/10}

  1. Visit Marcus in Germany
  1. Go back to the San Diego Zoo and visit the SDZ Safari Park
  1. Pick a travel date range with no particular destination in mind; then book a TravelZoo deal and go wherever it takes me
  1. Go away for a long weekend solo
  1. Go to the Washington Zoo with Liam
  1. Go to the Cincinnati Zoo to pet a Red River Hog
  1. Organize a long-weekend meet-up in a city with my high school besties (Tiffany, Christy, and Rebecca)
  1. Spend a weekend in DC with Tiffany and Lauren
  1. Visit Jamie in Gainesville and go to a Gator football game
  1. Go to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in NYC


Happy Heart & Mind  {2/13}

  1. Foster another greyhound – no commitments on not keeping it! {9/1/16}
  1. Listen to the full Harry Potter series on audiobook
  1. Listen to the full Hunger Games series on audiobook
  1. Complete at least the first level of online / self-paced Spanish lessons
  1. Listen to one of the Great Courses available through Audible
  1. For five days in a row, begin each morning with five minutes of quiet meditation
  1. Have an actual phone conversation (not texts!) with each of my high school besties (Tiffany, Christy, and Rebecca) at least five teams each year during the 1001 days
  1. Watch five documentaries {1 (The Day Kennedy Died), 2 (No Place on Earth), 3 (Amanda Knox) – 3/ 5}
  1. Read three physical books (not audiobooks)
  1. Take a two-week break from Facebook
  1. Go one full week without any television / show-watching / movie-watching – do this at least five times
  1. Say only nice or neutral things about people for one full work week
  1. Listen to all of the audiobooks I’ve already acquired before buying any more (exception: I can buy books that are part of a series I already partially own) {10/6/16}


Healthy Body  {0/5}

  1. Get a physical and have my thyroid checked
  1. Find a new dentist and have a cleaning done
  1. Create a positive food tracker (focus on the things I CAN eat like veggies, lean protein, etc.)
  1. Get into the routine of taking glucosamine every day
  1. Achieve a routine of drinking 8 oz. of water as soon as I wake up every day


Creativity Unleashed  {1/6}

  1. Make a quilt with Meghan
  1. Cross stitch and frame something for Eleanor
  1. Cross stitch and frame something for Mollie
  1. Paint and send at least 20 watercolor notecards {1, 2 /20}
  1. Design and decorate Marcie Jane’s nursery {progress | finished (9/18/16!}
  1. Finish one of the aprons I started sewing ages ago


 Professional & Financial  {0/9}

  1. Relaunch the Maven + Smith website
  1. Start contributing to my Roth IRA and HSA again once the house is built
  1. Update my LinkedIn profile
  1. Update my resume
  1. Shop around for new health insurance
  1. Create and file a living revocable trust.
  1. Experiment with creating a podcast (give it a go for at least a couple of episodes)
  1. Write at least one B2B marketing guest post for a blog or e-newsletter
  1. Create a spreadsheet with business contacts


Randoms  {2/13}

  1. Get another tattoo
  1. Donate blood at least four times before getting said tattoo
  1. Eat through or get rid of all the food in the freezer
  1. Set up a new Caroline County Imagination Library website through WordPress
  1. Craft and deliver eight Toastmasters speeches {1/8}
  1. Become a lifetime member of the University of Florida Alumni Association
  1. Get my car detailed at least twice
  1. Cull and organize my makeup collection {10/8/16}
  1. Get enrolled in international TSA PreCheck
  1. Get my undergraduate and graduate diplomas framed
  1. Turn my handwriting into a font {completed & rejected – 8/12/16}
  1. Clean out my Gmail inbox
  1. Go to the Crumpton auction


Meta 101  {0/3}

  1. Put $10 toward something fun for my new house for every item achieved {$120 to date)
  1. Donate $10 to Caroline County Imagination Library for every item not achieved (above and beyond my usual annual donation)
  1. Create a new 101 list before this current challenge ends
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