I’m in love.

This tile from Wayfair.com is gorgeous.

And look how freakin’ fabulous it is with one of my favorite pairs of shoes!!!

gorgeous tile + gorgeous shoes = a very giddy Angie

Faventie Nero tile

I ordered this tile for the kitchen backsplash at the new house, but I love it so much that I’m considering ordering more for the master bathroom   I originally planned to use this tile for the master bath:

Merola Twenties Classic Tile
Merola Twenties Classic tile from Home Depot

Also fabulous, and it may still be the tile I choose for the master bath, especially because it’s quite a bit more affordable!

But let’s look at this bit of divine awesomeness one more time…

Faventie Nero Tile
Faventie Nero Tile from Wayfair.com

Swoon! My heart actually beats faster whenever I look at it!