I said I wouldn’t tinker with the floor plan any further until I’d seen what my architect came up with. I lied.

It appears that I am physically incapable of sitting quietly and patiently waiting for the updated plans to arrive. I can’t stop myself from tinkering here and there… It’s a sickness!

My latest round of tinkering came about as I was thinking about a future deck I’d like to have off the dining room. The original kitchen layout had a long peninsula, which provided lots of workspace and seating at the bar-height counter:

Kitchen Layout / Kitchen Design Before | Angie Builds a House

I really like this layout, but it doesn’t have easy access to the French doors leading out to the future deck. You’d have to walk all the way around the peninsula, which could be a pain in the arse if you’re trying to haul food outside. It also restricts movement through the space, which isn’t ideal for entertaining. Ideally, people should be able to easily and freely circulate through the kitchen and dining space, out onto the deck. The peninsula could lead to annoying bottlenecks.

All of this got me rethinking the space with the idea of eliminating the peninsula and going with an island instead. The island would allow people to move much more easily through the kitchen, and accessing the outdoor space will be convenient and easy. Take a look:

Updated Kitchen Layout / Kitchen Design | Angie Builds a House

Here’s a side-by-side of the kitchen layout before & after:

Kitchen Layout / Kitchen Design - Before & After | Angie Builds a House

Another great thing about this change is that it eliminates a corner cabinet. I hate corner cabinets, even if they do have fancy pull-out, rotating, magical lazy susans.

I also like that this change moves the dishwasher immediately next to the sink, which is more convenient and less messy.

The other changes I made to the kitchen design are in the bar area. The last time I tinkered with the floor plan, I talked about eliminating cabinetry in this area in an effort to save money. My idea was to find a big, vintage hutch that I could clean up and paint. This would indeed save a good bit of money, but I’ve been thinking about advice I got from a friend from high school who is now a contractor… He advised me to do everything I can reasonably afford to do now because it’s a lot more expensive to make changes later. I have people over quite often, and my friends and I are a boozy group. The bar area is actually a really important part of the kitchen, so it seems like a smart place to follow my friend’s suggestion and get it right from the beginning.

Here’s a closer look at the bar area:

Bar Area in Kitchen Layout | Angie Builds a House

I’ve added a bar sink, which will really increase the functionality of the space. Not only will the sink be convenient for cleanup, I can also fill it with ice and load it up with beers for a party.

The last thing you may notice on the new kitchen layout are the little purple boxes:

Kitchen Design (walls added to help define the space) | Angie Builds a House

These are supposed to represent walls that will help frame out and better define the space. This was a suggestion my architect, Mike, made in our first meeting. Speaking of walls, have you noticed that all of the other walls in my floor plan are two-dimensional lines?? Yeah. I forgot that walls have dimensions. I told Mike that I want to maintain the dimensions of the rooms, so the overall footprint of the house will have to expand a bit to account for the accumulated thickness of the walls throughout the house.

So, there you have it… This truly is the last tinkering I can do before I get the plans back from Mike because we have a virtual meeting scheduled for TOMORROW to look at his first draft of the plans (Eeeee!!!). I’m not sure if I should tell him that I’ve been making more tweaks 24 hours before he’s due to review his plans with me… Maybe I’ll just leave this post here and see if he notices. If I were him, I’d want to smack me for continuing to change things on him after I specifically told the world (or at least, my handful of readers) that I wouldn’t.

Slap GIF. This is what happens when you keep making changes to your floor plan before your architect has even had a chance to review his work with you. | Angie Builds a House


I would kinda deserve that slap, probably.