One thing that became very clear in my recent meeting with my contractor is that fiber cement siding is out of the question. Vinyl siding is much more realistic within my budget. This was disappointing at first, but my contractor recommended that I look at some specific higher-end vinyl lines, and there are actually some pretty nice products out there.

As described in the post where I shared the exterior elevations, there will be three different types of siding on the house: horizontal, vertical, and shingle. The disappointing thing about vinyl siding is that it can’t be painted, so my color choices are quite limited. Despite the limited selection, I think I’ve hit upon a color scheme that will be a nice balance between colorful and traditional.

Horizontal Siding

Most of the house will have horizontal siding. It will be used on the laundry room / breezeway and the main house (except the front porch). I’ve asked my builder to quote Certainteed Carolina Beaded siding. The color I’ll likely choose is classic Colonial White.

Certainteed Carolina Beaded Viny Siding in Colonial White |


Here’s what the Carolina Beaded siding looks like on a house:

Certainteed Vinyl Siding Carolina Beaded |


Shingle Siding

One of my biggest concerns about vinyl siding was that the shingle options would look really fake. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are some pretty realistic choices. For the gable and front porch, I’m going to use Cedar Impressions Individual 5″ Sawmill Shingles in Cedar Blend.

Cedar Impressions individual 5" sawmill shingles in cedar blend |


Here’s a view of the shingles on an actual house. I think they look fantastic!

Certainteed Cedar Impressions individual 5" sawmill shingles |


Shutters (Main House)

I’ll have board and batten shutters installed on the windows on either side of the front entry, as well as on the two windows on the back of the house. These will be made of wood so I’ll be able to paint them any color I want – hooray! To bring some modernity and cheerfulness to the traditional white and cedar-look siding, I’m going with a lovely blue-green color. The specific shade I’m leaning toward is Warm Springs by Benjamin Moore:

Warm Springs by Benjamin Moore


Vertical Siding

The garage will be Board & Batten siding with an 8″ profile (8″ wide panels). I like how this style of siding will give the garage a traditional barn-look. To balance the traditional-ness and tie in with the main house, I’m thinking of going with the Pacific Blue color:

Certainteed Board & Batten Vinyl Siding in Pacific Blue |


I really like the way that blue looks on my screen, but I will definitely need to see a sample in person before pulling the trigger. Also, I will probably need a pair of shutters on the window at the front of the garage, and I don’t think the Warm Springs paint will work as well against the blue. Instead, I’ll go with a clear stain on the cedar shutters to coordinate with the shingles. Natural cedar against the blue will really pop.

Here’s a look at the board & batten siding on a house:

Certainteed Board & Batten Vinyl Siding |


Color Combination

Since y’all know I love to play with Publisher, I made a little collage of how each of these siding choices and colors will look together:

Vinyl Siding Choices & Colors |


There’s also a fun little tool on the Certainteed website that lets you “try on” different siding styles and colors. I chose one of their houses that was vaguely similar to mine (not really, but kinda) and dropped in my siding choices. I also chose a shade for the shutters that was somewhat close to Warm Springs. Here’s how it came out:

Certainteed Siding Choices - Board & Batten, Carolina Beaded, and Cedar Impressions Shingle |


And here’s a reminder of what the front of my house looks like (with a modified roof line on the garage)… When I picture it with these colors, I really like it!

Cottage Curb Appeal - exterior elevation for cottage house plan |


Siding Choices |


So as it turns out, there are definitely vinyl siding choices that I like and that will look great on my new home. I can get the cute cottage look I want without busting my budget. I’ll drink to that!





Vinyl Siding Choices & Colors: Certainteed Board & Batten in Pacific Blue, Carolina Beaded in Colonial White, Cedar Impressions Shingles in Cedar Blend, Benjamin Moore Warm Springs for shutters and porch door |